Hi, we are Twosumm

A simple, human,
interactive and social
web based studying platform

Benefits For Grabs

Don't study, Grow

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Unlimited Subjects

Choose to study with study partners from any subject you need regardless of your discipline.

benefits of product

Unlimited Study Partners

Connect and study with university students from around the world whenever you need it the most.

benefits of product

Develop Soft Skills

Studying through Twosumm will develop your soft skills, boosting along your employability skills.


Select an available Student

After having selected the subject you wish to study, choose to study with one of the available students who are also willing to study your selected subject.

  • Send request
  • Chat to meet
  • Enter virtual room

Virtual study room

Once you and the peer you have selected, enter the virtual study room, you start communicating through web-camera for real time interaction.

  • Web Camera
  • Chat Box


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